Lectures, Seminars and Workshops

Jung’s Analytical Psychology, the process of Jungian Analysis, and Sandplay Therapy are not widely understood in British Columbia. It is hoped that through ongoing public education the value that these modes of treatment have in the development of consciousness and psychological healing will gain appreciation.

My long-standing interest in Symbols and Myths are also pursued in the Lectures, Seminars and Workshops to which you are invited.

The goal of all of the educational presentations is for individuals to gain both an understanding of the theoretical concepts as well as gain an appreciation as to what these concepts mean in one’s personal life. There is time for questions and discussion at all of the presentations.

I offer lectures and/or an educational series on the following topics:

  • Dream Interpretation: A Jungian approach to working with one’s dreams.
  • Fundamental Concepts of Analytical Psychology:
    • Anima and Animus
    • Persona and Shadow
    • Archetypes
    • Complexes
    • Self and the Collective Unconscious
    • Individuation Process
  • Jungian Analysis: The Process And How It Differs From Other Forms of Therapy.
  • Sandplay Therapy
    • The Process of Sandplay Therapy:  Method and the Principles of its Healing Potential
  • Masks: An Exploration of Shadow and Persona: An experiential workshop where individuals create a plaster mask of their face and then work with their mask to amplify and gain insight into their persona and shadow.
  • Villa of Mysteries, Pompeii, Italy: An Exploration of an Ancient Orphic Initiation Rite for Women and its Relevance for Psychological Development Today: The ancient murals that were painted on the walls of a chamber within the villa are viewed and their symbolic and psychological meaning is examined.